Videos have changed the web. This is the medium to inspire, humor and inform. I have had experience working with technical talent to explain difficult concepts as well as animators to create an imaginative world. Here are some of the videos that I have worked on or helped produce that are my favorite.

Music Behind the Tech

We have some incredibly talented individuals at Rackspace, whether they are software developers, system administrators or project managers. I created this series in collaboration with Aberdeen Studios to showcase the expertise of our Rackers in an unexpected way. Instead of coming at it “on-the-nose” with how many certifications we have, open source code committed or technical accomplishments, we used music as the hook.

The videos focused more on the music narrative, while the series of blog posts really went into those Rackers expertise. Furthermore, Racker curated a music playlist on the Rackspace branded Spotify account to help give a more in depth glimpse into their personality.

One Very Proud Dad

High technology can be abstract and difficult to understand. We wanted to get away from always speaking about 1s and 0s and tell a story that illustrated why the technology was important. We partnered with Austin based Impossible Engine and I was one of three Rackers working on this project. There were many discussions and disagreements about the direction to go, and ultimately we all had a hand in collaborating, nitpicking and creating this video that has gone on to win silver at the Texas Addy awards. The devil is in the details, and I am particularly proud the agency took my suggestion for the shirt that the dad is wearing at the end.

Online Shopping Carts in Real Life: 7 Mishaps to Avoid

Everyone has experienced mishaps with their online shopping cart. I personally hate it when you think you scored one of those hard to find tickets only to be told that they were sold out while confirming your payment. We decided to imagine what these virtual frustrations would look like in the real world. I helped collaborate on the script and was incredibly proud to work with Aberdeen Studios on this video. We shut down a local grocery store and began shooting it in the evening and wrapping production at 4:00 a.m. the next morning! The video served to promote our expertise at Rackspace around digital practices.

From Beginner to Big Timer

Admittedly this draws heavily on the NFL commercials that aired during the 2012 season, in particular the one with Cam Newton and the little boy promoting Play 60. However, I knew that these videos would be a hit in the tech circle for several reasons: (1) many hard core Linux folks don’t watch sports and (2) the little girl is just too adorable. With the push from the White House to create more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs, we have to focus in on the children of today for the jobs of tomorrow. This video, done in conjunction with Aberdeen Studios, shows the power of one little girl dreaming big.

Using Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato to Build a Cloud Server

When the MaKey MaKey came out on Kickstarter, I knew I had to buy the device to do something creative with it at work. I found the perfect opportunity when we launched our new Cloud Control Panel at Rackspace. My goal was to show it was so easy to spin up a Cloud Server that you could do it with the ingredients of a BLT. Props to Matt at Aberdeen Studios for going with the flow of my vision and filming this in just an hour.

How To Setup Airbrake In Your Rails App

We have all seen those screen casts that appears to be shot with a $15 web cam and recorded in a tunnel. Regardless of how helpful the content is, the experience is excruciating for the user. When Matt from Aberdeen Studios and I collaborated on this video, I wanted to make the experience more personable. We shot a series of these screen casts with Bret McGowen, a developer at Rackspace, with a hybrid approach of both seeing him and the screen. The result speaks for itself.

Rackspace Slide Speedrun

One of the most popular destinations at Rackspace is our slide. And it seems that everyone has their own strategy for achieving maximum velocity. So after a day of filming educational white board videos to explain some of our cloud products, I had a little bit of production time to put some of these theories to the test. What’s the fastest way to go down the Rackspace slide? Wax paper.

The Cloud, Explained by Kids

The cloud can be a complex concept to explain. After all, I’ve worked on close to a hundred white board videos that help break down the concept. But when we had a lot of our Racker’s children on site to visit Santa, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to ask them what the cloud is. Cuteness ensued.