While I do a lot of content creation and ghost writing at work, I enjoy writing for my personal blog (online since 2009) and contributing to other sites. Whether it is searching for the best cheese enchiladas in San Antonio, my passion for technology or observations of an outsider into the marketing world, telling stories is a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorites.

  • One Image to Rule Them All (Rackspace) – It seems that every social platform has different image requirements. I decided to crunch the numbers and found one image size that works across all of them.
  • Advice For My Unborn Daughter (.Net Magazine) – Coding is the new literacy and will be a necessary skill, regardless of profession, for the current generation. In this post, I give two pieces of advice for my unborn daughter: eat your vegetables and learn to code against APIs.
  • The Great Taco Debate (SA Flavor) – Depending where you are in Texas, you will either hear the early morning dish called a “breakfast burrito” or a “breakfast taco.” This article explored the regional differences that existed even within the same state (and includes a humorous graph).